Rolling around

Saturday mornings are so very sweet. It’s quiet on my street, the little black dog who runs the house is asleep (oops, not now – he’s barking like the little warrior he is), and since it’s Oscar weekend, as well as Independent Spirit weekend, there are some great movies on right now. I have no predictions for either; I will say that I liked both”The Social Network” and “The King’s Speech” very much, and think they’re both worthy of receiving all of the awards that they have so far. Other than that, dunno – the Academy is very fond of giving Oscars to those actors who play someone with a physical or mental challenge that they either  overcome or rise above, so considering the history of the Academy, I would go with Colin Firth for best actor, but who knows?


Normally, I will watch both the Indie and the Oscar shows from top to bottom – with the introduction of TiVo into my life, I may be recording one or both of them. For the first time in I don’t know how long, I won’t be in front of the set (oops, not a set, a flat screen).  I will be here, with my skates on, trying not to fall down.

Mid-life crisis? Stay with me – when I was a kid, I was lucky enough to see the Los Angeles Thunderbirds at the Olympic Auditorium every weekend with my friend Lorri, and her mother and grandmother.  I remember at one point during our roller derby excursions that Lorri’s family had second row season seats, so every Saturday night (and quite a few Sundays), we would be in the second row, cheering on Ralphie Valladares, Ronnie Rains (after he became a Thunderbird, we had to boo him when he was a New York Bomber, of course),  “Big John” Johnson, Sally Vega, and Shirley Hardman.

I was smitten with the idea of becoming a skater, and decided that once I was old enough, I would try out for the Thunderbirds.  I never did, and roller derby fell out of the public eye for some time. It came back in the ’80s, and I was happy to see it, until I watched it – roller derby in the ’80s seemed to be more about flashiness, and it just didn’t grab me. The latest incarnation of roller derby intrigues me; when Kim told me yesterday about the meet-and-greet, I was hesitant, and then I came home and decided I would go. It could be really funny, or really awkward, or as is usually the case with my life, both at the same time.  I have no expectations, except that I will be sore the next day. Stay tuned for a report; crossing this one off my list after 40 years…!