Taking stock and making deals at fifty (more or less)

Seven days into 2011, and I thought I would take stock of my intentions –

1. Working out (does kicking off my shoes count?):

2. Saving money (well, I did do that, but it looked like this):

3.  And instead of eating like a twelve-year old at a slumber party, I’m now eating like a twelve-year old who’s been caught by her mom (more guilt, less food) :

Seriously, I was able to squeeze in two workouts this week so far, and I’m shooting for four – if you’re keeping score, that’s two and a half good habits worked on out of three; not bad.


Turning 50 this month; it is weird to say it, but it’s almost here.  If I made wishes, what would I wish for? Time. There’s never enough time, to do what I want to do, to spend time with people, to do nothing (a very important thing to do).  There’s a Twilight Zone episode where a man makes a deal with the Devil to live forever, and winds up serving a life sentence in prison.  A very smart friend said to me once, “What if we had the chance to make different choices than the one we made, and those turn out to be worse?”  I think that works forward as well.  If given the chance to live forever, would you take it?  Tempting, I know; I think I would rather have the ability to travel through time – I would love to be able to witness great moments in history, or meet some of the people who made history.  I’m not interested in making any changes, just being an observer in the world.  There’s my birthday wish –  a time machine, and a gift card for Sephora, and I’ll be set…

I haven’t done a poll for a while, so here’s one to start off the new year –

Also, here’s a cool (I think) Twilight Zone website, with graphics that take you back to the original show, an episode finder, a store, and other TZ miscellanea; I’m guessing Rod Serling would be pleased.

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