It’s 2012 – what are you gonna do about it?

Last week I started a list of intentions for the upcoming year, but got bored with it. It’s eleven years past 2001, and we aren’t traveling to other galaxies, or colonizing other planets; the future is here, and it’s less like “2001: A Space Odyssey” and more like “Blade Runner.” I would love if my list included a trip to Neptune, but not this year, unfortunately.

Now that 2012 is six days old, and trying to get up and walk, I thought I would give it another try – this is a fast list, because you have things to do, don’t you?

1.  Write things that people want to read; the rest may not be in any order, but this is number one. I know this because when I’m doing it, nothing else matters…and when it happens, the bunny slippers do a jig of glee:

2.  Go up the coast as far as I can – San Francisco, Santa Cruz, then into Oregon, and maybe Washington, who knows? It’s way past time for some adventures, and time to pack some bags and go see something new.

3.  Take a cooking class – Italian? Sauces? I know some wonderful cooks, and I don’t pretend to become one of them, but I would like to do it a little better (and re-doing the kitchen will fold right into this – see what I did there? Got the vocabulary, now I just need to do the actual cooking).

4.  Knit – and a little yarn bombing, so many perfect spots for this around Long Beach, and this year could be the year…here’s some ideas (and the caption for the last one? “Tank blankie”!) –

5.  Watch movies – does this surprise anyone who has been reading here?

6.  Read books (and work on my ADD, so I can finish…oh, wait, is it my turn on Words With Friends?)

7.  Kickboxing – going to a gym where the instructor yells at us; it’s not pretty, and that’s as it should be.

8. Listen – to music, other people, and the universe (yeah, I said it; what, Mr. Judgmental?)

Have a pleasant 2012 – thank you for shopping around at “Julie Wrote What?,” even if you were only looking for a photo of the tattoo that George Clooney had in “From Dusk ‘Til Dawn.” Hope you stick around after completely grokking George’s tattoo to do a little reading (it makes my tattered and torn heart sing to think that you might). I will refer back to this post as the year gets on its feet and totters around, and you can check on me to see if this was worth the time it took to write it, or if I’m just a list-maker, and not a doer. “Let us go, then…”

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